Tree Top Ziplines


 Another new adventure to try out is the Treetop Canopy Tours @ Piiholo Ziplines. *NEW: “QUICKjump” the latest in a bungee style “jump’

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 Always watching for new activities to try out I was excited when they got the newest Treetop Canopy Zipline Tours ready for business. Yes, it is several ziplines you cross, 6 to be exact but the difference between this one and all the rest is once you leave the ground you are in the trees the whole time!  

Maui Piiholo Tree top canopy Tours Tickets and Reservations

They have platforms in the trees you land on each time and 4 aerial canopy bridges we crossed during the tour plus a stop at a tree house for snacks and drinks. The final zipline was 1,000 ft long and you really fly! Anyone from 8 years old weighing 50-250 lbs can do it, just remember to bring your tennis shoes! I loved it, don’t worry they really strap you in so you won’t ever fall. 
It’s an easy start for the first timers so give it a try next time you’re here.

On Piiholos’ tree top canopy Ziplines you will soar through immense Eucalyptus forests, native koa and ohia trees, and many indigenous plants, while catching coastal and canyon views all along the ride. Ziplines, aerial canopy bridges, tree platforms and the tree house keep you high in the treetops for the entire tour.

This Zipline Company is good for families as the weights are 50-250lbs.
*No bad backs, recent surgeries or pregnant women allowed. Guest MUST have closed toe shoes (no crocks)

Tree Top Canopy Tours; 6 line zipline offers Free Child per adult spaecial price

6 Ziplines, 4 Bridgeses

6 Line Canopy Tree Top Zipline *SPECIAL : Free Child per Adult

You’ll zip through the beautiful tree canopy and cross four aerial canopy bridges on this tour. Fly high over ravines and forest floor and observe native and introduced trees and plants. Great for families looking for an educational adventure and nonstop excitement. Approx. 2.5 hours. 
3 Ziplines, 1 Bridges

3 Line Canopy Treetop Zipline Tour

If you want the rush of a zipline tour but need to keep it short, this one’s for you! Two zips over lush valleys and a scenic trek over a canopy bridge lead up to our 1,000-ft line and a zip-through a tree tunnel in the tropical forest canopy. Approx. 1 hour. 

Maui Tree top canopy zipline tours; Tickets and Reservations



Partway through your treetop canopy tour,  you will arrive at  Maui Canopy Ziplines newest feature, the exciting “QUICKjump,”
which gives the sensation of a “free fall” while lowering you to the ground 40
feet below. (Guests may rappel down if they don’t wish to jump.) Tour guests
stop at our treehouse for light snacks and refreshments.
maui tree top canopy zipline tour zickets; quickjump