Twin Falls Zipline Maui


Twin Falls Zipline Maui

Located about 1 mile past Twin Falls waterfalls here on Maui, Twin Falls Zipline is one of Maui’s newest zipline tours.

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The Twin Falls Zip line Canopy Tour traverses a tropical valley on the North Shore of Maui Hawaii, an area known since ancient times as Waipio. With soaring platforms built into majestic trees, accentuated by arching swinging bridges and state of the art Zipline design and construction. (safety is a good thing…)
The Twin Falls Maui Zipline course promises the best of Hawaii zip line adventure tours, serene and thrilling at once.
The ZIPLINES at Twin Falls ARE SHORT AND SWEET! The 4 line course is only 1.5 hours  long, while the 7 line course is about 2.5 hours long. (a lot of Maui Zipline Tours offer 3.5-5 hour Zip line flights)
Located in Haiku, in
the jungle!
Very tropical with ferns and streams.  This is an ideal
zipline to do while traversing the road to Hana.  A bit of adventure before the long drive to
Hana or on your way to jump in the waterfalls at either Twin Falls or the many
waterfalls along the Hana Hwy. 
Twin Falls Zipline is conveniently located only footsteps off the Hana highway in Haiku. This allows you to combine and experience this new Maui adventure on your drive to Hana. Or spend more time with on the Twin Falls Zipline property and explore the tropical trails and swinging bridges.



Photos above are curtessy of Twin Falls Zip Lines.  According to John, 1 of the owners of Twin Falls Zip Lines, they currently have 44 reviews on Trip Advisor and 43 of them are Excellent! Nice Job 🙂

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This photo of Twin Falls Ziplines is courtesy of TripAdvisor

*Authors NOTE: The name Twin Falls comes from the famous ‘privately owned & open to the public’ Waterfalls that are a 15 minute drive from Paia (25 min from the airport!) 
Twin Falls is only a mile away, there are several waterfalls you can swim in for free. Even jump off the rocks if you like, depending on the time of the year and how much water is in the waterfall ponds. 

There is a “fruit stand’ selling made to order (and freshly picked) banana or pineapple Smoothies. (other choices also usually available).
The Twin Falls Fruit Stand will also have warm banana bread and ……a rarity even here on Maui….Fresh “made to order’ Sugar Cane Juice! And yes they also have fresh Coconut Juice, right in the Coconut. (they will cut the top off and put a straw in it when you order it). I also love to take lots of photos of all the tropical Hawaiian flowers on the property. Not only the Red Ginger and Heliconia, there is a lot of Bamboo also. All in all a very pretty off the beaten path-but yet still on it, piece of true Hawaiian Paradise..including watefalls!


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