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What to look for in a Zipline Tour

Maui has seen an increase in Hawaii Zipline Tour Companies in the last few years. We have compiled a list of the best zipline tour companies here on Maui.

Maui Zipline Tours; Kaanapali Ziplines View
Kaanapali Zipline /Skyline Tours
  • Ocean Views: 2 Maui Zipline Tours offer panoramic Ocean Views!! Kaanapali Skyline Zipline.
  • How long is each zipline: from the shortest Zipline of 250ft to the longest zipline to longer ziplines going 2100 ft, 2300 ft, 2800 ft all the way to 3600 ft.!
  • How many ziplines will I be doing on a Tour (you would be surprised at how many people think you only get 1 Zipline crossing on a Tour): 2-8 zip lines, depending on the tour and zipline operator.
  • Side by Side Ziplines: 2 people zipline side by side; this is a great way to take photos and videos of each other as you zip line across the canyons and ravines of Hawaii. Maui Ziplines is side by side,  and Piiholo Ziplines so offer ‘side by side’ zip line flights’ as well as full harnesses and the same ‘braking system’.
  • Harness: Kapalua and Piiholo have a ‘full harness’ outfit you wear, while Haleakala ziplines, Kaanapali ziplines, North Shore zip lines, and Twin Falls Ziplines all have a smaller harness or straps.
  • How long do the Tours go: Allow at least 1 hour, to 5 hours at the longest zipline course on Maui.
    Harness at Kaanapali Zipline Tours


Bringing the family to Hawaii? Maui has a couple of families and child-friendly zipline tours. Maui Zipline Tours is centrally located on Maui, at the Maui Tropical Plantation.  Maui Ziplines’ weight limit is 50-250 lbs.  No other Maui Zipline Tour offers a smaller weight size. For Safety all Maui Zipline Tour operators are usually 60-75 lbs up to a maximum of 250-280 lbs.

Maui Ziplines also offers side by side ziplining, so a parent can go with a child.

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    Looking for Romantic things to do in Maui? Kapalua zip lines offers Panoramic ocean views, side by side zipline tour and includes Lunch! limo maui

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